Enviroment management system

Any oil production site as a matter-of-course makes local people fear possible environmental pollution. The preconceived notion is that all oil companies give priority to bumper profits, and for the purpose of getting them ignore the interests of locals, practicing utilitarian approach to environment. 

Gazprom Neft PJSC successfully broke this negative mould not only in Russian regions, but also in Iraq, where in 2010 it launched its first project abroad.

Within the company’s social investment program a number of important infrastructural objects was constructed in the oilfield area. The company regularly organizes events of different kinds for local people, which contribute to its positive reputation in Iraq. The attractive identity of Gazprom Neft Badra company, which is Badra field operator, is also formed by the fact, that its standards meet the best international practices. In a country like Iraq with a war-torn infrastructure and high risk of human-made environmental catastrophes, the experience of Gazprom Neft is without doubt a kind of a road map for other companies and can be considered a case in point.

For example, waste management is a complex multifactorial environmental, technological and economic problem, and Iraq simply lacks professionals and technical resources to solve it. But Gazprom Neft specialists not only successfully created efficient waste management system in the country, where numerous crises almost laid waste to industrial  infrastructure, but trained local professionals who in the nearest future would shoulder the responsibility of environment control and protection.