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Social Responsibility

Traditionally, Gazprom Neft carries out social investment programs and implements projects aimed to improve the quality of life of the local people in the company habitat. Starting from 2012, within the framework of the Badra oil field development programs the following large humanitarian projects have been carried out:

1. Modernization of Badra electricity mains, allowing to increase the daily power supply to enterprises and households in the city by 40%. Gazprom Neft Badra continues working on the modernization of electricity network in Badra and nearby Jissan and Zurbatiyah districts.

2. Donation of computers to Badra city schools

3. Purchase of buses for the University of Wassit, which allowed students from Badra to attend classes in Al-Kut, administrative center of the province, on a daily basis

4. Modernization and supply of equipment for the intensive care unit at Badra city hospital

5. Construction, provision of equipment, and commissioning of three school buildings meant for over one thousand students