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06.10.2017 Gazprom Neft Dispatched the Company's Largest Ever Offshore Loading
Gazprom Neft Badra, the operator of the Iraqi Badra oilfield, has dispatched Gazprom Neft's largest ever oil shipment for export by offshore loading. This shipment of hydrocarbons totaling 1.78 million barrels was sent to the USA on the  New Solution oil tanker.

So far, this has been the second crude oil shipment sent by Gazprom Neft Barda to the U.S. market. The preceding 12 shipments were delivered to European-based companies and oil refineries in the Pacific Rim.

Hydrocarbons exported from Iraq by Gazprom Neft are supplied by the state-owned company SOMO (State Oil Marketing Company) in compensation of costs associated with development of the Badra oilfield.

27.06.2017 Gazprom Neft in association with the Technical Research Center accomplishes geological survey of Badra oilfield
ART_0017.jpgExperts from the Technical Research Center and their colleagues from Gazprom Neft and Badra project held a joint meeting to present the results of the geological survey of this Iraqi oilfield. The analysis helped to see potential ways to increase oil production there.

26.05.2017 Badra gas plant deemed the best Gazprom Neft capital project in the first quarter of 2017
процесс строительстваGazprom Neft deemed Badra gaz plant construction its best capital project in the first quarter of the current year. 

24.04.2017 “Gazprom Neft Badra” presents gifts to Baghdad schoolchildren
вручение подарков в БагдадеRepresentatives of “Gazprom Neft Badra” office in Baghdad presented gifts to the students of a boarding-school for orphans in the capital’s Al-Waziriya district. 

31.03.2017 Five-millionth tonne of oil produced at Badra oilfield
SHA71751.jpgGazprom Neft Badra has produced the five-millionth tonne of oil at Badra field. Thanks to the application of cutting-edge production and transportation technologies, this outcome has been achieved in just over two and a half years’ of commercial production. 

09.03.2017 Three wells commissioned

SHA71185.jpgGazprom Neft Badra has commissioned three new production wells (BD-2, P-14 and P-10) at Badra field in Iraq. Total production across all three wells is running at 23,000 barrels per day, with daily production at the field totalling 77,000 barrels. 

28.02.2017 Drilling of wells of improved construction starts

NF9A8087.JPG“Gazpromneft Badra’ specialists reduced the diameter of casing columns and the specific amount of metal in the wells, thus increasing the speed of well construction and cutting its costs.

18.01.2017 Local electricity network modernization completed
SHA71146.jpgGazprom Neft has completed modernization of power networks in Iraqi districts surrounding Badra oil field, within the company's annual social contribution program.

29.12.2016 Pre-commissioning at Badra gas treatment plant commenced

Pre-commissioning works for a complex gas treatment plant with a production capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters have now commenced at the Badra oilfield, Iraq.

10.12.2016 Gazprom Neft educates Badra schoolchildren about oil production
Gazprom Neft Badra employees organized a series of learning sessions on oil production basics for Iraqi schoolchildren. Each week, a specialist goes to one of the local schools in the town of Badra and tells about the origin of oil, its extraction and processing, in the form understandable for children. 

18.11.2016 Gazprom Neft raises Iraqi children consciousness in HSE matters
This year Gazprom Neft Badra employees once again held learning sessions on road safety, environmental safety and life safety at Iraqi schools. 

26.10.2016 Gazprom Neft training center opens at Badra oil field
Gazprom Neft Badra opened a training center inside their oilfield camp, where over 40 Iraqi employees already started to study for their jobs at the new gas plant. 

05.10.2016 Badra oilfield consortium delivers gifts to Iraqi schoolchildren
On October 5, 2016 the representatives of the international consortium developing Badra oilfield in Iraq took part in the traditional ceremony of delivering gifts to Iraqi pupils. 

21.09.2016 “Gazpromneft Badra” managing director discusses cooperation with Iraqi oil minister

Iraqi oil minister Jabbar Alluaibi met in Baghdad with the managing director of  “Gazpromneft Badra” Sergey Karavaev. The parties discussed questions of mutual cooperation.

03.09.2016 New GPNB office opens in Badra

The opening ceremony of the new administrative building of Gazprom Neft Badra company took place on the 3rd of September in Badra.

16.08.2016 Three millionth ton of oil produced in Badra field

Gazprom Neft Badra, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, has produced its three-millionth tonne of oil at the Badra field, Iraq. Total production since the start of 2016 has now reached 1.3 million tonnes.

29.06.2016 Capacity of Badra Central Processing Facility increases to 115,000 bpd

Construction of a third production line has now been completed at the central oil treatment facility at the Badra field, Iraq, increasing potential capacity for oil processing to the projected level of 115,000 barrels per day.

06.06.2016 Three new wells brought into production
Three wells, producing a total 24,000 barrels per day, have been commissioned at the Badra field, Iraq, by operator Gazprom Neft. 

10.05.2016 Agreement with Russian MFA signed
Gazprom Neft has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. 

16.04.2016 GPNB supports local football championship

The final match of Badra Youth Football Championship took place on April 16 at the stadium of Badra Youth Club under the auspices of Gazprom Neft Badra.