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GPNB supports local football championship


The final match of Badra Youth Football Championship took place on April 16 at the stadium of Badra Youth Club in Wassit province (Iraq). The competition was held under the auspices of Gazprom Neft Badra (GPNB). The game was attended by GPNB Deputy Managing Directors Mikhail Markov and Vladimir Dubrovskii, Badra Mayor Jaafar Mullamohammad and members of local municipality councils.
More than 40 teams from Badra, Jassan and Zurbatya districts took part in the play-off during the last two months. GPNB provided the players with the kits of the uniform of Russian leading football club “Zenit”.
The final duel was held between Mohammed al-Badri school team (Badra) and Zurbatya school team. The championship was fought out by al-Badri players (4:2). The third place was won by the second team of al-Badri school.
Addressing the players and attendees Badra Mayor thanked GPNB for the attention it pays to the social needs of local people. In return Mikhail Markov and Vladimir Dubrovskiy wished the schoolchildren to make the right choice in their life and stressed the importance of educational and professional development, as long as sport and fitness in the life of the modern generation.

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