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Gazprom Neft raises Iraqi children consciousness in HSE matters


This year Gazprom Neft Badra employees once again held learning sessions on road safety, environmental safety and life safety at Iraqi schools. These lessons have already become a good tradition.

The new school year started in Iraq in the beginning of October with special celebratory sessions. Gazprom Neft Badra HSE staff used this opportunity to refresh the HSE awareness of the local Iraqi schoolchildren. The HSE sessions focused on the traffic rules for pedestrians, responsible environmental behavior, as well as on prevention of common injuries and illnesses. These sessions will continue to be held every Thursday in all four schools of Badra, right after the morning flag-raising ceremony and the national anthem singing. The schoolchildren like these lessons. They received colorful visual teaching aids explaining the content of the lessons. It is important not to overload the kids before their regular classes, so every such sessions lasts less than 20 minutes, which is sufficient for the kids to comprehend and memorize the learning content. On the occasion of the new school year, each GPNB HSE specialist brought small gifts from the Company to the children: notebooks, pens and colored pencils.

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