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Gazprom Neft training center opens at Badra oil field


Gazprom Neft Badra opened a training center inside their oilfield camp, where over 40 Iraqi employees already started to study for their jobs at the new gas plant. It is planned to educate over a hundred new  local workers from the nearby settlements during the coming year. They will become competent equipment operators, laboratory assistants, mechanics, electricians, dispatchers. GPNB has  formed a team of international experts, who will share their expertise with the local specialists, both through this new training center and through the system of internal on-the-job coaching.  This will allow the Company to prepare qualified local workforce, as well as to allow for career development of current project employees in various functional areas and develop their leadership competencies. 

OLGA SUNTSOVA, Head of HR, Gazprom Neft Badra:

“The need for our own training center is a long-standing one. The local candidates who we recruit for various worker positions on our new production facilities, often require to be trained from scratch. There simply is no capacity in the Wasit province to prepare qualified Oil&Gas specialists, no educational institutions in the region meeting our criteria. At the same time, engaging external contractors for professional training is unacceptably expensive today. Taking hundreds of local employees away from Iraq for long-term studies is also not feasible. Creating our own training center and employing our own experienced trainers proved to be the best option.”

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