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Gazprom Neft educates Badra schoolchildren about oil production


Gazprom Neft Badra employees organized a series of learning sessions on oil production basics for Iraqi schoolchildren. Each week, a specialist goes to one of the local schools in the town of Badra and tells about the origin of oil, its extraction and processing, in the form understandable for children. Oil and gas, which was expected to be of interest for boys only, proved to be captivating for girls as well. Sarmad Hassan Abdulali As-Saidi, graduate in Engineering at Baghdad University Al-Mustansariya and current GPNB operator of gas treatment facilities, managed to find his approach to the specific audience. “Of course, boys are fond of machinery more than girls, and perhaps for this reason the Oil & Gas thematic is closer for them. But girls are more disciplined and attentive, so teaching them is easier. Many of them have relatives working at Badra oil field, so this whole topic is familiar for them”, shares  Sarmad. A series of sessions related to oil production is scheduled to be held in Badra schools in the next two months. Colorful visual materials are a great help for the self-made teachers. This initiative of Gazprom Neft Badra found a very positive response from the Badra mayor and the principles of local schools. And the kids just loved it!

 VLADIMIR DUBROVSKIY, Deputy Managing Director:

Historically, Iraq is an oil-producing state, but because of the war continuing for many years in the country, the connection between generations was lost, and hence the knowledge was also lost. Today not many qualified professionals able to work at the oilfields remained here. In my opinion, it is important to form a basic understanding of possible future profession in the local population already from the young age. Even if the children will later choose other field of occupation, the knowledge gained will help them better understand what is happening in their region.

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