Gazprom Neft in association with the Technical Research Center accomplishes geological survey of Badra oilfield

Experts from the Technical Research Center and their colleagues from Gazprom Neft and Badra project held a joint meeting to present the results of the geological survey of this Iraqi oilfield. The analysis helped to see potential ways to increase oil production there.

Now Badra project is in the final stage of construction of its overland infrastructure. The key chance to improve the efficiency of the project in the current situation is to increase oil production. The purpose of the survey was to search opportunities to boost oil reserves and production.

The survey was held in three directions: seismology, petrophysics  and geology, development. Among the researches were experts from other Gazprom Neft projects, as well as from outside of the company –  Deputy DG for geology and development of Zarubezhneft company Igor Afanasiev, Yamal project Executive Director Rinat Bakhitov, Deputy DG and Chief Geologist of Gazprom Neft Shelf Oleg Morozov and others.


Among the issues requiring particular attention were mentioned monitoring of reservoir’s production mechanism and energy balance, uneven recovery of reserves, the effect of formations in place with  characteristics preventing to stabilize debits and others.

 The analysis exposed potential to boost production. The main efforts will aim to treat the base fund of the wells, to increase the efficiency of new wells drilling and the precision of the forecast of the spread of highly porous oil containing interlayers.

The experts pointed out the highly detailed character of the survey prepared by the Technical Research Center and Badra project specialists. The possibility of engaging experts from the Center on regular basis in the development of the project is currently under consideration. 

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