Badra gas plant deemed the best Gazprom Neft capital project in the first quarter of 2017

Gazprom Neft deemed Badra gaz plant construction its best capital project in the first quarter of the current year. The chief manager of the project Serik Dyuassenbayev and his team made their first appearance on the top of the capital projects rating prepared by the department of large-scale projects of the company’s block of exploration and production.

The construction of the gas processing facility in Badra oil field is unique in every sense. Compared with other Gazprom Neft projects, the plant will be the only industrial gas production facility. The gas component was brought about to Badra project as the result of the chemical composition of local oil. The government of Iraq confirmed that it is anxious to launch gas production in Badra. Because of this interest, Gazprom Neft started to build up the gas plant considered to be one of the most technically advanced industrial facilities in Iraq.

The production capacity of Badra gas plant is 1.6 billion cubic meters per year. The produced conditioned natural gas will be partially used to cover energy needs of the central oil and gas processing facility as fuel for the gas turbine power station. Its five aggregates will generate in total 123.5 MW of power which will be continuously supplied to oil and gas processing facilities, drilling rigs and production wells. 10 MW will be supplied by the open power line to Gazprom Neft Badra main camp, the town of Badra and nearby districts.

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The main volume of conditioned natural gas will go through the pipeline to Az-Zubeidiya power plant (100 km to the south east of Baghdad). This will considerably increase power production in Iraq and help to secure stabile power supply of a number of Iraqi provinces. Y-grade NGLs will be used to produce liquefied petroleum gas. When the project is accomplished, the utilization of associated petroleum gas will reach 99%. The gas plant also includes granulated sulfur processing unit.   

It was very important for the project’s designers to take into consideration the high concentration of the extremely toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulphide in Badra oil. All the equipment of the Central Processing Facility is produced of corrosion resistant materials. Great efforts are being made to protect the personnel from the impact of hydrogen sulphide: even the office workers, never mind those engaged in production, have to pass special briefs regularly.  

Badra is the first Gazprom Neft project abroad, and also the first project of this kind in the careers of many of its employees. But even those who have rich international background gained a lot in terms of professional development from their experience in Iraq, where the summer temperatures often exceed 50 C.

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