Gazprom Neft Dispatched the Company's Largest Ever Offshore Loading

Gazprom Neft Badra, the operator of the Iraqi Badra oilfield, has dispatched Gazprom Neft's largest ever oil shipment for export by offshore loading. This shipment of hydrocarbons totaling 1.78 million barrels was sent to the USA on the  New Solution oil tanker.

So far, this has been the second crude oil shipment sent by Gazprom Neft Barda to the U.S. market. The preceding 12 shipments were delivered to European-based companies and oil refineries in the Pacific Rim.

Hydrocarbons exported from Iraq by Gazprom Neft are supplied by the state-owned company SOMO (State Oil Marketing Company) in compensation of costs associated with development of the Badra oilfield.

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