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18.01.2016 Capacity of Badra Central Processing Facility doubles
A new process train was brought into operation at the central processing facility (CPF) at Iraq’s Badra field. The commissioning of this train allows an increase in CPF, from 45,000 to 85,000 barrels per day.

18.12.2015 The third consignment of Iraqi oil received

Gazprom Neft has received its third consignment of oil from Iraqi governmental organisation SOMO (the State Organization for Marketing of Oil), representing compensation for costs incurred in developing the Badra oilfield. 

07.12.2015 LPG storage tanks installed
Gazpromneft has finished the installation of liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks at Badra oilfield’s Central production facility (Iraq). The total number of the tanks installed is eight; their total weight exceeds 1,500 tons. 

24.09.2015 Sixth production well brought on-stream
A sixth production well (P-13) has been brought into production at the Badra oilfield, Iraq (under development by operator Gazprom Neft), producing 10,000 barrels per day. 

17.09.2015 The second consignment of Iraqi oil received
Gazpromneft has received its second allocation of oil from the Iraqi State Organisation for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) in compensation for costs incurred in developing the Badra oilfield.

15.06.2015 Installation of gas processing equipment
The installation of initial equipment (steam generators) needed for the processing of associated petroleum gas (APG) has now been completed at the central oil-gathering facility at the Badra field (the operator of which is Gazprom Neft).

09.04.2015 First batch of Iraqi oil received

Gazpromneft, the operator of the Badra field development project, has received the first batch of Kirkuk grade oil from the Iraqi government.