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Partnership Development

Procurement policy of Gazprom Neft Badra is based on a system of internal standards for the procurement procedure management, based on:

  • efficiency 
  • openness
  • transparency
  • competitiveness
  • fairness

Our partners supply equipment and materials to provide the manufacture of quality products, the maintenance and repair of equipment, as well as the services of different kinds, and in some cases they represent the interests of the Company.

We treat our business partners equally and our requirements to them are clear. From a number of competing offers, we select the optimum ratio of price, quality and terms of cooperation. We always verify the credibility of a business partner and assess the risks of working with him.

The Company’s success and reputation depend directly on the commitment of its business partners. We require from them to observe the same ethical standards we observe. It is the responsibility of each Employee to explain to the business partners what the Company expects from them, which ethical standards must be observed and how to respond to them.

We are committed to respect the privacy of our business partners and use the information we get from them only within the frames of our cooperation. We never disclose the information about our clients and contractors to other organizations.